Everything You Need To Know About Liqueur & Schnapps

The ultimate unifier. The socialite. The key to upping the game on your mixers. Liqueur and schnapps are distilled spirits, made by a base liquor and fermented fruit juices. They will make you ask, “OMG this is so good! What’s in this?”

What’s the difference between liqueur & schnapps?

Is there a difference? Slightly. Liqueurs are a product of fruits that are steeped in an already fermented and distilled alcohol. Schnapps, on the other hand, are fermented and distilled on their own. People use them interchangeably, so we like to group them together - but we still think the distinction is important to make.

What do liqueur and schnapps taste like?

Well, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There are so many flavors of liqueur out there that it’s hard to say what just any old liqueur or schnapps taste like. But, we will say that most of them are pretty sweet. Some flavors that are popular amongst the bar scene are apple, butterscotch, peach, and peppermint. They’re a versatile bunch.

How do you drink liqueur & schnapps?

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails. It’s definitely best to drink your liqueur or schnapps in a mixed drink - but we’re not saying it’s illegal to drink it neat. For instance, peppermint schnapps would be perfect to add to a hot chocolate. Apple and peach go well with literally any summer cocktail. Bring a batch of either to the next BBQ, and everyone will love you.

Can I get liqueur & schnapps delivery?

You sure can. These are an absolute must-have to have in your bar cart. Let us know what kind of you want and we’ll get your Saucey delivery to ya ASAP. It’s what we do.

What are the best liqueur & schnapps?

Having some Baileys in the cabinet is classified as self-care as far as we’re concerned. Kahulais a welcomed substitute.