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Wine - Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the most popular white wine, probably because it's relatively cheap, it goes well with "diet foods" like chicken and fish, and it tastes like lemonade and whiskey had a baby. Chardonnay is dry white wine, but recently wineologists (it's a word, trust us) have started aging it in oak barrels like scotch, which gives it a sweet, almost vanilla-ey flavor. Now if they could only figure out how to turn it into an ice cream…

What Does Chardonnay Taste Like?

Chardonnay originally came from the Burgundy region of France, but after it quickly caught on all over the world, and is now famously made in North America, Australia, Italy, and South Africa, each with their now unique flavor profile. It’s even been used in some champagnes!

Food Pairings

Chardonnay is a great wine for people who can never decide what to eat. It’s very versatile, and can have several different flavors depending on where it was grown. Almost all varieties of Chardonnay pair well with white meat and, rich, buttery sauces, which make it an excellent choice to pair with pasta.