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Everything You Need To Know About Light Rum

Light rum has no color and a light flavor. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be the star of the show. In fact, light rum is known for being a powerful, yet subtle, way to take your mixed drink to the next level. What are you waiting for?

What is light rum made from?

Light rum is made from fermenting molasses or sugarcane juice and then distilling it. Specifically, light rum doesn’t need to be aged very long and can be bottled shortly after distillation.

What’s the difference between light rum and dark rum?

Light rum is made and filtered several times until it’s free of impurities, while dark rum starts off the same way - but instead of bottling it, it’s left to age in charred oak or wooden barrels. In turn, dark rums tend to have bolder flavors than light rums.

How do you drink light rum?

We recommend adding light rum into your cocktails because it’s sweeter and not as overbearing as dark rum.

Is light rum the same as white rum?

Yep. Light rum is the exact same thing as white rum. You’ll see them used interchangeably on bottles, as well as, “silver rum.”

Can I get light rum delivered?

Yes! Let us know your favorite and we’ll get your light rum delivered to you ASAP, and with no delivery fee.

What are the best light rums?

We suggest going with the tried and true Captain Morgan White Rum or Bacardi Superior.