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Everything You Need To Know About Rum

Rum aka Pirate drink, is everyone’s favorite ingredient in fruity cocktails because the sweet flavor profile blends in particularly well with Hi-C and pineapple slices. When it’s not in a tiki cocktail, rum can actually be enjoyed sans mixers and ice and sipped neat (although we suggest a more expensive bottle if you are drinking it straight).

What is Rum made from?

Rum is made from fermenting molasses (the byproduct of sugar production from sugarcane). Rum is produced at least than 190 proof and then aged in casks of steel, oak, or charred oak to create light, gold, or dark rum.

How do you drink Rum?

Rum is a very versatile liquor that can be enjoyed across a wide variety of cocktails, especially of the tropical and fruity variety. High-quality rums can be enjoyed neat and at room temperature.

What are popular Rum drinks?

Rum is best associated with cocktails that sends you on a mental journey to the islands, such as the Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and Hurricane. The simple Mojito, Cable Car and Daiquiri are also popular rum cocktails.

What are the best Rums?

If you are drinking rum neat, look for higher quality in light rum with 75% ABV or higher. For gold rums, avoid brands that contain artificial colors used to achieve the traditional amber color. If looking for a dark rum, it’s as easy as buying a more expensive variety.

Bacardi Superior White Rum - Fantastic in mixed drinks and extremely affordable, we recommend this bottle when you are making mixed drinks for a party.
Malibu Coconut Rum - You can’t beat this delicious coconut flavor for Sunday afternoon piña coladas.
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum - add ice, and then pair with coke or ginger beer for the ultimate college throwback.
Sailor Jerry Aged Blended Rum - made the “old school” way, this rum will take you back to pirate times.