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Everything You Need To Know About Dark Rum

Rum originated in the Carribean (hence, Captain Jack Sparrow’s famous penchant for the stuff), so it’s no surprise that its star ingredient is sugarcane. Depending on the variety of rum, the alcohol is produced through the fermentation of sugarcane molasses or sugar juice. The end result is a clear liquid generally higher than 80 proof (and up to 151 proof—heeey, Bacardi).

Due to its tropical roots, rum is very often the main alcohol used in all your favorite vacation cocktails like piña coladas, mojitos, daiquiris and hurricanes. Rum is in pretty much most alcoholic beverages that are served with a cocktail umbrella.

Dark rum refers to the finished style of the rum, and there are three main types: dark, white, and spiced.

What is the difference between dark rum and white rum?

Both dark and white or light rum are the result of the fermentation of sugarcane juice or molasses, and the end result is a clear liquor. Whereas light rum generally undergoes minimal aging in stainless steel (and thus retains its light or clear coloring), dark rum is aged in oak, much like whiskey.

As is true with the aging process in general, white or clear rums are lighter in flavor and have therefore often been used in mixed drinks where the complexity and deep flavors of the rum are not necessarily the focus.

A dark rum, on the other hand, takes on new and deeper flavors during the aging process. Depending on the distiller and batch, a dark rum can contain notes of spice, tropical fruit, vanilla and caramel.

What’s the best way to drink dark rum?

Because dark rums tend to be more complex than their lighter counterparts, a nice rum can absolutely be sipped neat or on the rocks. For rum enthusiasts, there’s quite a distinction between column-distilled Cuban rums, and pot-distilled rums from Jamaica or Barbados. The latter tends to be more full-bodied and pronounced in its sugarcane flavors.

What cocktails use dark rum?

Like their light counterparts, dark rums are great for tropical drinks. That means a piña colada, daiquiri, Planter’s Punch, Dark ‘N Stormy or a Mai Tai are all excellent choices. Dark rum can also pair very well with something simple; think rum & Coke with a twist of lime (also known as a Cuba Libre).

Does Saucey deliver dark rum?

You bet! Pick out a bottle of the best dark rum and order it for delivery near you. We’ll be there with the rum—plus any Coke, mixers, snacks, ice, etc.—ASAP.

What are the best dark rums?

Whether you’re new to dark rum or already love the stuff, we know you’ll be happy with a bottle of Bacardi Black.