Extra Dry Delivery

Everything You Need To Know About Extra Dry Champagne

Extra dry champagnes are some of the most popular around the world, and for good reason. Although the “extra dry” name can be kind of confusing, extra dry champagne actually falls in the middle of the sweetness scale for champagne. Whether you’re celebrating in style or just sipping Mimosas, extra dry champagne is always a good choice.

What does extra dry mean in champagne?

The term extra-dry is a categorization of wine used to describe a slightly sweet characteristic. While it’s not what you would consider a sweet wine, extra dry champagne generally contains 1% to 2% residual sugar, making it just slightly sweeter than bruts, and in the mid-range of sweetness for champagne.

When should I drink extra dry champagne?

Because it falls in the middle of the sweetness scale, extra dry champagne is actually pretty versatile. It’s sweet enough for celebrations yet dry enough to balance a sweet brunch. Basically, anytime you’re feeling a little extra, pop a bottle of extra dry champagne.

What’s the best extra dry champagne?

If you haven’t had Andre Extra Dry Champagne before, then - hello! Welcome to planet earth. All jokes aside, it’s a trusted brand at a value that really can’t be beat. Korbel and Domaine Ste Michelle are also excellent choices for extra dry champagne.

Can I get extra dry champagne delivery?

With Saucey, you can get extra dry champagne delivered to your door in minutes. Whether you’re hosting brunch or toasting at a celebration, we’ll bring the bubbly.