Vodka Delivery

Everything You Need To Know About Vodka

Vodka is supposed to be colorless, odorless, and tasteless... but, raise your hand if you’ve had some that tastes like cotton candy? Or sweet tea? Yep, flavored vodka is hot right now. The great thing about vodka is that you can mix it with almost anything or if you are buying some higher-end bottles.

What is Vodka made from?

Vodka can actually be made from a variety of things - potatoes, corn, grain, & even soybeans. The distillation process is what imparts flavors - if any. It doesn’t need to be aged so it can actually be made super quickly and immediately consumed.

How do you drink Vodka?

Vodka is perfect for mixing but can be enjoyed neat when chilled.

What are popular Vodka drinks?

Vodka cocktails like the Vodka Tonic are popular because they can very low calorie compared to beer or wine but still give you a good buzz.

What are the best Vodkas?

Take it from us, you should be drinking these.

  • Tito’s Handmade
    • Distilled in copper pot stills in Texas. This is the first vodka to make “gluten-free” a thing.
  • Born & Bred
    • Smooth and slightly sweet, this is perfect ice cold with a lemon twist. It’s also Channing Tatum’s Vodka, so, if you’re lucky, he might deliver it.
  • Smirnoff Vodka
    • The strong bite to this vodka makes it perfect for mixing and tough to drink straight.
  • Grey Goose
    • If you aren’t getting this for bottle service at the club, you aren’t living.