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Tobacco in the 21st century has expanded way beyond your regular old paper cigarettes. This ain’t 1619 anymore. With vapes, smoking itself isn’t even required! Tobacco use is becoming safer and more popular than ever, but it can still be such a hassle to find the products you want in stores. Well, let Saucey take care of that for you by delivering your favorite cigarettes, cigars and vapes to your door.

Which cigarette is the best?

Marlboro is by far the preferred brand in America, with 40% of the market share, followed by Newport and Camel. Smaller tobacco brands are rising in popularity, though, mostly among young people who want to avoid Big Tobacco or who prefer cigarettes with fewer additives.

What are menthols?

Basically, a minty cigarette. Newports are the favored brand for menthols in the United States. The menthol helps freshen the taste of the tobacco, and cools your mouth and throat, which can become irritated by harsh smoke. Usually the menthol is put on the tobacco leaf inside the cigarette, but some brands now offer varieties with a special menthol bubble in the filter, which can be bitten into when more menthol flavor is desired.

How do I roll my own cigarettes?

Some people prefer to roll their own cigarettes with loose leaf tobacco, instead of buying ready-rolled packs. Doing so lets the smoker control how much tobacco goes in, so they can create smaller or larger cigarettes than the standard size. Rolling your own can also cut out a lot of the additives found in pre-rolled products. To start, you need rolling papers, filters (optional) and a bag of loose tobacco. Take out a single paper. There should be a crease down the middle. Take a pinch or two of the leaves, and place them in the paper (it’s best to roll over a tray or plate, to catch falling tobacco). If you’re using filters, leave space at one end of the paper and slip the filter end in here. Close the paper up along the crease, “hot dog style,” and carefully roll the paper-wrapped material back and forth with your fingers to get an even dispersal. While still doing the rolling motion with your fingers, tuck the paper edge facing you underneath the other paper edge. Keep rolling in one direction so the paper wraps evenly around the tobacco and filter. Seal the paper edge with saliva. Ta-da, you and your first ever hand-rolled cigarette are ready for the campus quad!

What’s the difference between a cigarette and a cigar?

Cigars and cigarettes are very similar: same plant material, same delivery format, but very different preparations. While cigarettes are a paper shell filled with dried, chopped tobacco leaf (and some other stuff, usually), cigars are made keeping the whole tobacco leaf intact. Cigars are many tobacco leaves which have been dried, pressed and rolled into long brown tubes. Because there is much more tobacco in a cigar than in a cigarette, there are also different methods for smoking them. When smoking a filtered cigarette, it’s almost necessary to suck like using a straw. Cigars are much smokier and do not require such strong inhaling.

Can I get cigarettes, cigars, vapes and Juul for delivery?

Yes! Saucey is one of the only delivery services that delivers cigarettes and other tobacco products such as the Juul, Juul pods, cigars, chewing tobacco, rolling tobacco, rolling papers, nicotine gum, and lighters.

If all you need is a pack of smokes, all good—there’s no order minimum, and you don’t have to order alcohol in order to get cigarette delivery (even though that’s our main thing). Place your order and your tobacco products will be at your front door ASAP.

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