Syrah Delivery

What is Syrah?

Syrah is a big, beautiful, bold wine. You’ll hear its name interchangeably with “shiraz” - they mean the same thing. Syrah is usually fuller-bodied than your average cabernet or zinfandel, but it can differ in taste depending on where it’s made.

What Does Syrah Taste Like?

Where the bottle of wine is from can really decide the flavors you pick up on. So, depending on location, you’ll be able to taste hints of blueberry, plum, vanilla, black cherry, and sometimes even a tiny bit of smokey black pepper.

Is Syrah Dry or Sweet?

Generally, syrah is a dry wine. This means that after the grapes are pressed, all the sugar from the grape is converted into alcohol by the yeast. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a syrah with hints of sweetness. There are actually some winemakers out there that leave in a touch of sugar for a richer taste.

What Food Goes Well with Syrah?

Syrah has moderate acidity and tannins, and a fruity but earthly flavor. A wine like this goes well with heavier foods like cheese, stew, chicken, grilled veggies, and pasta. So ultimately, a nice cheese board would pair perfectly with a bold syrah.

Can I Get Syrah Delivery?

You may! You gotta have at least one bottle of syrah ready. Choose your bottle and we’ll have your syrah delivered to you as soon as you can say “hoorah!”

What Are the Best Syrahs?

If you’re new to syrah, you can’t go wrong trying a Yellowtail Shiraz. We also love the Francis Coppola Diamond Collection’s Syrah.