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Wine - Sweet Wines

Wine is basically candy mixed with alcohol, and sweet wines are the perfect combination of the two. From something dark and chocolatey to something light and fruity, sweet wines are very sensual. They pair well with most meals and "light physical activity", so they're perfect for date nights, anniversaries, and anytime you rent a hotel room.

Sweet Wine Types

Most wines are either described as dry or sweet, but a lot of wines fall somewhere in the middle. White wine tends to be more sweet than red wine, but there’s are bottles from both camps on the list of the most popular sweet wines:

Food Pairing

You would expect sweet wines to be reserved for dessert, but sweet wines actually pair well with a variety of foods, specifically with Asian and Indian cuisine.

Spicy Food: low alcohol wines work best
Salty Food: high sweetness wines work best
Sour Food: high acidity wines work best
Sweet Sauces: the sweeter the better!

Sadly, sweet wines don’t pair well with chocolate.