What happens when my order can't be completed?

For on-demand orders:
If the courier is unable reach you when they arrive, the person who placed the order is not present, or the order is otherwise undeliverable, the order will be failed. As outlined in our terms of service, the amount of the items will be refunded at that time, but a failed delivery attempt has a $7.99 service charge applied so that we can re-coup the cost of preparing the order and the courier's time! We usually have our couriers take an extra 5-10 minutes to attempt contact upon arrival so it’s important to stay near your phone for notifications and alerts on the arrival of your order.

As a tip, it may be worth double checking your phone number on file to ensure you receive our notifications to make sure this doesn't happen and we are able to reach you during live orders!

For shipping orders:

After 3 delivery attempts, the package will be returned to us. Once again, the amount of the items will be refunded, but we will have to re-coup the shipping costs and a $17 restocking fee will be initiated! Check out our tips for
where to send your shipping orders to avoid this as much as possible! 

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