How does gifting work?

For on-demand orders:
Once a gift order has been placed, the recipient receives a text message with a link to your personalized note and an option to schedule the delivery.
The gift will not be sent until your recipient confirms the time convenient for them. If you select a scheduled time in which you know that the recipient is available, we'll send it out then. This is in place to ensure that the recipient is available at the time of delivery as they will need to present ID, the same as a normal order!

After the gift is delivered, you will receive an email receipt confirming the delivery.

Please note that gifts must be scheduled within 7 days of purchase, after that point they will be cancelled and refunded to the purchaser!

*Recipients must be 21 years or older. IDs will be scanned at time of delivery.

For shipping orders:

Shipping orders can be sent as gifts as well! Simply make sure that you check "gift" at checkout and that the delivery address is set to the recipient's correct delivery address. If a gift note is added, a printed copy will arrive with the items! 

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Please feel free to reference our tips about where to send shipping orders as someone 21+ must be present for delivery! 

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