Sparkling Rosé Delivery

Everything You Need To Know About Sparkling Rosé

If you’ve been to a bachelorette party in the last ten years, you’ve had sparkling rosé. Nothing says “hanging with the squad” like sipping sweet pink wine carbonated like a Diet Coke.

What is sparkling rosé made of?

The pink color of rosé can be achieved in one of two ways: the traditional method sees red grapes smushed together with white grapes. The modern, and somewhat controversial method, mixes a little red wine with the sparkling white wine. The bubbles come from naturally occurring carbon dioxide, a byproduct of fermentation.

What’s the difference between champagne and sparkling rosé?

Sparkling rosé refers to any pink bubbly wine from any region, while champagne can only come from the Champagne valley of France. That being said, there are sparkling rosés that come from Champagne and cost an arm and a leg because of it. Just like prosecco is a low-cost alternative to champagne, sparkling rosé prosecco is a low-cost alternative to pink champagne.

How do you drink sparkling rosé?

In a tall stem glass, preferably, but many take their sparkling rosé in a variety of containers - from coffee mugs to mason jars.

Can I get sparkling rosé delivery?

So, you’re at the bachelorette party and the stripper just knocked over your last bottle of pink bubbly while doing the Teddy Cleaver around the pole. And now Kimberly is freaking out saying this is a sign she shouldn’t marry Brad.

Save their marriage before it’s even begun: enter your address on Saucey, pick out as much sparkling rosé as you want, and our team will deliver it to your door. Just please don’t ask them to pole dance for you!

What are the best sparkling rosés?

André makes a great low-price sparkling rosé. For fancier occasions, splurge on Korbel Brut Rosé. Korbel makes ‘California Champagne,” the best sparkling white wine outside France. Now, they’ve added pink to their color wheel.