Everything You Need to Know about Sour Ale

Sour ale is a beer that’s intentionally brewed to achieve higher levels of acidity. So, while you may get a bitter or sweet flavor in standard beers, the higher acidity gives a sour ale, you guessed it - a sour taste.

What Does Sour Ale Beer Taste Like?

For most sour ales, you’ll be getting an acidic, tart flavor.

How Does Sour Ale Beer Become Sour?

Souring beer is all about the fermentation process. The acid-producing bacteria that would normally spoil common beers like an IPA or a lager, actually aid the fermentation into producing the perfect level of sourness.

What’s the Difference Between Sour Ale and Wild Ale?

The biggest difference is that a sour ale describes the process of souring, and wild ale describes the flavor. wild ales typically have ingredients added to them to make it tarter, while sour ale’s process relies on acid-producing bacteria to pack its famous sour punch.

Can I Get Sour Ale Delivery?

Absolutely! Delivering your sour ale would actually mean the world to us. Let us know your go-to or if you want to try something new, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What Are the Best Sour Ales?

We suggest Cucumber Crush Sour Ale, Victory Brewing’s Sour Monkey, and Modern Times Sour Ale.