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Wine - Rosé

There's red wine, and then there's Rosé: the delicious pink drink that even Rick Ross can't stop sipping. It's the best of both worlds -- the bold flavors of red wine mixed with the mellowness of white wine, combined to make something much better than we got when we tried mixing red wine with white wine... Rosé is made by turning red grapes into white wine, and the flavors vary even more than you would imagine. Some bottles pair well with chicken and fish, some pair better with red meats, but they all pair well with flirty bartenders ;)

Is Rosé Sweet?

A common misconception is that Rosé always tastes like candy. A lot of first-time winer drinkers order a glass because they think it looks cute and fruity like a cocktail, and it can be! White Zinfandels tend to be very sweet and have berry flavors. But other a bottle of wine like Provençal Rosé tends to be pretty dry.

How Is Rosé Made

There are three different methods for making rosé.

Maceration Method: Red grapes are allowed to rest (or macerate) before turning them into wine. This is the most common method.
Bled Method: During the first few hours of making a fine red wine, a small amount is “bled” off to make rosé. As an added bonus, this makes the red wine more intense!
Blending: Occasionally a small amount of red wine will be added to a vat of white wine to make rosé, although it’s usually only used in low-budget bottles.