Riesling Delivery

Wine - Riesling

Could you imagine a world where Taco Tuesday was even better than it is now? What if I told you that you could add wine? Riesling is a sweet white wine that pairs perfectly with spicy foods. It's made from peaches and pears, and it smells like something angels would wear as perfume. If you're that person who puts Sriracha on literally everything, try adding a little sweet to your spicy with a good bottle of Riesling.

What Does Riesling Taste Like?

Riesling (pronounced "ˈrēz-liŋ”) is crisp, dry wine with high acidity, but it has a touch of sweetness to it too. Riesling is kind of the perfume of wines. It’s know for strong, delicious floral aromas, and usually tastes like apples, peaches, and pears.

Food Pairings

Some Riesling wines are left on the vine as long as possible and used to make late harvest dessert wines. Traditional Riesling wine tends to be drier, with more subtle fruit flavors, that make it pair well with white meats and strong spices.