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How is red wine made?

Like all wines, red wine is made from fermented grape juice. The juice from grapes undergoes a fermentation process during which yeast consumes the sugar in the grapes and produces ethanol and carbon dioxide. Red wine gets its reputation for being “red” because the juice ferments alongside the skins of darker-colored grapes. Depending on the grape variety and how long the fermentation process is, red wines can vary in color from a light ruby to a deep, purplish red.

What are the different kinds of red wine?

Red wine is made from dark-skinned grape varieties like cabernet sauvignon, merlot, zinfandel, syrah (a.k.a. shiraz), malbec, pinot noir, sangiovese, and nebbiolo. Fun fact: Even with deeper-hued grapes, the juice is still light in color; the redness of red wine comes from grape skin.

Red wine is most often produced as a still wine, though sparkling or effervescent red wines like Italian-style lambrusco are also a thing.

Is red wine dry or sweet?

Technically speaking, any wine can be dry or sweet; it all depends on the process the winemaker implements and how much residual sugar—a.k.a the natural sugar that’s left after the fermentation process—ends up in the final product. Wines like cabernet, pinot noir, and syrah tend to be dryer, whereas more full-bodied wines like malbec or zinfandel are sweeter and have more residual sugar (and thus, more alcohol). Dessert wines like port are very much on the sweeter side of things.

Another important distinction: a fruit-forward wine doesn’t necessarily mean a sweet wine; a wine like pinot noir can boast big berry notes, for example, while still being dry.

Can I get red wine delivery?

But of course! Red wine is available for delivery ASAP. Choose from the most popular labels producing pinot noir, merlot, zinfandel, cabernet, syrah, and red blends. Whether you’re looking for an easy sipper on a warm night or something hearty and robust to go along with a rich meal, there’s a red for everyone out there. And Saucey is ready to deliver it to you.

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