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Beer - Porter

Porter beer is basically a more drinkable version of stout beer. Traditionally, porter beer is very dark and brewed in London, using brown malt and plenty of hops. The richest batches were labeled as stout, and the rest were sold as porters. Today, porter beers are enjoyed by those who like the rich, dark flavor of a stout, and the crisp drinkability of a lager.

What Does Porter Beer Taste Like

If Porter beer had a Facebook profile it would be really embarrassed of all the different phases it’s gone through. Originally, porter beer was meant to be dark and brooding, but eventually as stout beer came into its own, porter beers started to grow more complex, and feature more advanced flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.

Types of Porters

Porter beers are great because there’s one for every occasion. You can find something easy and drinkable to have while watching the game, or something rich and complex to pair with a nice filet mignon.

British porters tend to be thick, dark, and full of hops.

Baltic porters are the heavy hitters of the bunch with the highest ABV

American porters tend to be on the lighter side and feature sweeter flavors.