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Beer - Pilsner

A Pilsner is a medium-bodied, high carbonation beer that tastes tangy and sharp with strong floral aromas, and a bitter, crisp finish. They tend to be flavorful and have a moderate ABV which makes them perfect for pairing with foods. The most common pilsner beers are Heineken, Stella Artois, and Bock.

What Does Pilsner Beer Taste Like?

Well, that all depends on where it comes from!

German Pilsner tends to be lighter, and more bitter tasting beer.
Czech Pilsner tends to be darker (golden brown) with lots of foam and a lighter flavor.
European Pilsner tends to be the sweetest of the bunch, usually with fruit flavorings.

What’s the Difference Between Pilsner and Lager?

OK, so technically pilsner beer is a pale lager, so the differences are subtle, but pilsners tend to be lighter in color, and heavier on the hops. The differences become more pronounced when you get into craft IPAs, which can have some rather… unique brewing methods.