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Everything You Need To Know About London Dry Gin

London dry gin, you’ve probably had it if you’re a gin drinker. If not, it’s a must. Don’t let the name, “London” make you think it can only be made in London, England. London dry gin is made all over the world, and it makes sense because it’s one of the most popular gins.

How is London Dry gin made?

The base of london dry gin is the same as regular gin, but in order for it to be different, it must be distilled to a 96% alcoholic volume, and every flavor added must be from natural materials (no synthetics in this house).

How is London Dry gin different from regular gin?

They’re both essentially made in the same way, but the difference is that London dry can’t have anything other than water and a small amount of sugar added after the distillation process, while regular gin can have any flavors added.

What makes London Dry gin dry?

Dry gin means all the flavors are natural and there are never any added artificial flavors. So if the gin is pretty sweet, it’s probably not a dry gin.

How do you drink London Dry gin?

If you’re getting a gin & tonic or martini, your bartender will probably serve it with London Dry gin. We say listen to the bartender on this one.

Can I get a London dry gin delivery?

We’d love to do that for you! Saucey will have your gin delivered to you as soon as we can. Let us know which is your favorite and we’ll take care of the rest.

What are the best London dry gins?

The quintessential gin brand, Tanqueray, makes London dry gin. If you haven’t had it yet, it’s a great place to start.