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Everything You Need to Know About Light Hybrid Beers

Neither ale nor lager, light hybrid beer is the rule-breaking bad boy of the beer world. Always unconventional, every hybrid beer is made through a unique blend of both ale and lager brewing processes. If you’re tired of the same old boring beers, grab a light hybrid beer and buckle up for the best of beer worlds.

What is the difference between hybrid beers, ales, and lagers?

It’s all about that yeast. Ales are brewed using top-fermenting yeasts that work at warmer temperatures and are bottled pretty much immediately after fermentation. Lagers are made with bottom-fermenting yeasts that need to be ‘lagered’ or kept cool for a long period of time before bottling. Hybrid beer can be made using any combination of brewing practices such as using ale yeast but lagering it or using an atypical strain of yeast with mixed brewing strategies.

Are there different kinds of light hybrid beer?

Light hybrid beer prefers not to be tied down with labels, you know? The cool kids of the beer world, they’re everything that isn’t a traditional ale or lager. Which means the sky’s the limit when it comes to styles. A few of our favorites are Cream Ales, Kolsch, and Blonde Beer.

Can I get light hybrid beer delivery?

With lightning speed, online ordering and no pants required. Just open up that Saucey App. We’ll hold your beer.

What’s the best light hybrid beer?

Getting into the world of light hybrid beers is kind of like dying your hair blonde - you’re going to have a lot more fun all of a sudden. We recommend Firestone Walker 805 or Leffe’s Belgian Blonde Ale.