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What’s Hard Seltzer?

An adult beverage containing carbonated water, fermented cane sugar and usually some kind of fruit flavoring. Basically, a spiked LaCroix.

Is Hard Seltzer A Cocktail?

Nope. Despite often being described as “vodka-soda in a can,” hard seltzer doesn’t contain any liquor at all. Most hard seltzers are made from fermented cane sugar in a brewing process similar to beer.

Is Hard Seltzer New?

Some say Zima (1993-2008) was the original hard seltzer, while others maintain the first hard seltzer was introduced to the market in 2013. Either way, hard seltzer rose to fame after a YouTube influencer made a viral video in 2019, declaring it “gluten-free water that will #$%^ you up.” Thank God for the internet.

Is Hard Seltzer Better For You Than Beer?

Yup! Since it’s made mostly from carbonated water, cane sugar and fruit, hard seltzer has the same alcohol content as a light beer with less calories. #winning

Is Hard Seltzer Gluten-Free?

Sure is. Looks like hard cider just got some competition.

What’s The Best Hard Seltzer?

Look, we’re not here to reinvent the wheel; we like the White Claw Variety Pack and Black Cherry White Claw in particular. Truly is also good too, we guess.

Can I Get Hard Seltzer Delivered?

Do you even need to ask? You know we’ve got you covered. Just remember, “there’s no laws when you’re drinking Claws” 😉