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What is flavored tequila?

Put most simply, flavored tequila is tequila—generally a blanco or silver tequila that hasn’t been aged at all—that’s been infused with some other flavor. And the possibilities are pretty much endless, despite flavored tequila only becoming a thing fairly recently (the Tequila Regulatory Council of Mexico required flavored tequila to be called “tequila product” until 2014).

Some are fruity. Some are peppery and spicy. It’s a brave new world out there in the realm of flavored tequilas.

Are flavored tequilas good?

They’re really good if you...like flavored tequila. It’s more of a U.S. thing rather than a Mexico thing (tequila lovers from tequila’s birthplace tend to be purists when it comes to tequila, and even salt and limes are a no-no among staunch sippers).

That being said, flavored tequilas can be a lot of fun if you’re not a hardcore traditionalist. Probably a safe bet to assume that if you enjoy flavored vodkas, you’ll dig flavored tequilas as well.

What drinks can I make with flavored tequila?

Since flavored tequilas are already bringing some extra oomph, they can be really nice paired simply with soda water and a twist of lime. But feel free to have some fun with it and mix up a margarita with flavored tequila. Or get creative and swap out rum for some flavored tequila in your favorite tiki drink. A bloody margarita would also be an excellent opportunity to give your favorite flavored tequila a whirl.

Can I get flavored tequila delivery?

But of course. Create a Saucey account on our delivery app or website and we’ll deliver everything you need to make the flavored tequila cocktail of your dreams ASAP.

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