Beer - Brown Ale

Brown Ale falls somewhere in between a light lager and heavy stout. It’s a bar favorite because it’s high on flavor, and pairs well with food — particularly grilled red meat and cheeses. Did someone say cheeseburgers? If you find yourself looking at the drink specials when the waiter comes for your order, rest easy and pick a brown ale because they always taste delicious and they go with basically everything on the menu.

What Does Brown Ale Taste Like?

The flavor of brown ale can be tough to nail down because every brewery has their own special twist on this classic bar beer. They can range from rich and hearty to sugary and fruity. Brown ales also tend to vary in alcohol content from region to region.

How to Serve Brown Ale

Brown Ale is best served at 50 degrees in a pint glass. It pairs best with red meats and earthy cheeses.