Demi-Sec Delivery

Everything You Need To Know About Demi-Sec

When you translate the french term, “demi sec” into english, it just means “half-dry.” So, if you pick up a bottle of regular dry wine with a sticker that says “demi sec,” you’ll be getting a less dry, and a bit sweeter wine.

Does demi sec differ in regular vs sparkling wine?

A little bit. With regular wine, demi sec means that it has a bit of residual sugar left after the fermentation process, making it a tiny bit sweeter. With sparkling wine, it means they are usually slightly to medium sweet. TL:DR; demi sec sparkling wine is waaaaay sweeter than demi sec regular wine.

What’s the difference between demi sec and brut?

Basically, all wines range between a brut and a demi sec, so they couldn’t be more opposite. A wine with more sugar will slide towards the demi sec, while the most dry a wine can be is referred to as a “brut.” It’s very common to have a brut with dinner and a demi sec with desert.

How do you drink demi sec?

Chilled, baby. It’s best to store any type of bubbly wine in a cool, dry place. Just before you’re ready to drink it, put your demi sec in an ice bucket, or toss it in the fridge. As it chills, think of what desert you’re going to pair with it. Pop open. Pour. Enjoy the sweetness of the royal demi sec.

Can I get demi sec delivery?

Absolutely! Whether it’s for a celebration or just for you, we’re always game to deliver demi sec right to your doorstep. Let us know your favorite bottle, and then check out. We’ll take care of the rest.

What are the best demi secs?

We love all of the Veuve Clicquot options, and their Demi Sec is no different. Get this one delivered ASAP.