Alcohol Delivery

San Diego

In San Diego Serenade Tom Waits said “I never saw my home town until I stayed away too long.” Well, if you end up in San Diego the desire to go back to where you came from probably won’t ever be born. With a story book climate and 70 miles of pristine beaches its inhabitants have an existence that most of us dream of. Permanent vacation might be the best words to dress it…

392 square miles of attainable paradise make it the second largest city in California but San Diego is unarguably number one in quality of life. Today’s Gaslamp Quarter and the downtown area were home to 19th century saloons and speakeasies that thrived during the dark days of prohibition. And to this day still carry on the tradition of keeping guests well lubricated. But you can also keep it simple and bring your cocktail consumption to the shores of the Pacific. Either way we can all learn how to live a little better from San Diego, California. Life is but a beach chair here and it’s a gorgeous place to drink. So here’s to nights we’ll never remember and a city we’ll never forget… Cheers.