Alcohol Delivery


Sacramento is where it all happens. Laws are written. Policies are shaped. Almonds are grown. It’s the capital of the Golden State, coined “the city of trees.” But, referred to by the locals simply as ‘Sactown’. A city with rural appeal. Most of the residents came to the city to escape the boredom of their quiet country life in the area surrounding Sacramento. A shining beacon of crazy, liberal, city life in the conservative country landscape of Northern California.

If you’re going to be spending time in Sacramento, there’s a few things you should know. First, people are really serious about their Fro-Yo. Lines are drawn, friends are lost, family members disowned. All for pledging their allegiance to a different dessert parlor. Okay, maybe it’s not that serious. But Sacramentans love them some fro-yo.

What’s more serious than fro-yo? Basketball, apparently. It doesn’t take much time in Sactown to learn that the Kings are King. If you don’t bleed purple and silver, maybe don’t go to a sports bar during basketball season. Don’t come talking that Lakers trash unless you really want to see a Sacramentan riled up.

Professional sporting events are a great excuse to drink. But Sacramento has plenty of those. Their Mediterranean climate creates an environment conducive to drinking year-round — no matter your drink of choice. Plus, Sacramento has a youthful and enthusiastic nightlife culture. With Brewpubs, Wine Bars and Nightclubs accentuating downtown and midtown, Sacramento is the only place to party in Southern California.

Cheers to you, Sacramento. Tonight we toast in your honor, in our finest purple and silver gear. Hell, we might even enjoy a spiked Root Beer float with some of that fro-yo you’ve been going on about. Thank you for continuing to inspire us and everyone you meet, Sacramento.