Alcohol Delivery

Los Angeles

“In Los Angeles, everyone’s a star.” -Denzel Washington

That quote might be a bit of a stretch, but at least Angelenos feel like a star. And why not? In a city full of beautiful people, great drinks, and loads of medical marijuana, anyone can be a star. At least, for a while. Whether you’re a ‘star’ or not, you sure as hell can party like one.

Why is it that everyone always wants to party like a Rock star? Sure, Rock stars are known to throw a few back and get a little crazy. But, they aren’t the only one’s who know how to have a good time. In LA, life is a party, and everyone is invited. Angeleno’s party like all-stars — no musical ability required.

LA’s passion for liquor dates back to prohibition. Who doesn’t want what they can’t have? Los Angeles city officials (at least the corrupt ones) weren’t going to take a ban on booze lying down. So, they built an underground haven dedicated to drinking beneath downtown Los Angeles. Right under everyone’s noses (literally). While the rest of the world was wondering what to do without their whiskey and beer, LA was leading the free world in the right the party… underground, at least.

Still, respect where respect is due. From Bukowski to Richard Burton, Los Angeles has bred some of the greatest drinkers in American history. Whether it’s an icy cold Corona and lime with your toes in the sand, or a lukewarm brew from the tap at Dodger Stadium — the people of LA love a good drink. Honestly, can you blame them? It’s LA, the sun is shining, the beaches are beautiful, and everyone’s laid back… unless they’re stuck in traffic.

Whether you’re hiking the hills, searching for stars, or finding fashion, there’s a good time (and drink) to be had by all. Here’s to you LA!