Alcohol Delivery

Los Angeles

It’s the edge of the world and all Western civilization. The city of angels, palm trees, medical marijuana and beautiful people. Founded in 1781, sprawling 472 square miles Los Angeles, California has everything that you could ever need or want. The story book weather bathes it all, from the downtown concrete to the beaches of the Pacific and everything in between. From the TMZ famous to the gang member on the corner, the one thing that everyone can agree upon is that LA is a wonderful place to drink.

Denzel Washington said that in Los Angeles everyone is a star. That might not be true but everyone sure as hell parties like one. The dedication to spirits dates back to corrupt city officials building underground booze dens beneath downtown during prohibition. From Bukowski to Richard Burton Los Angeles has bred some of the greatest drinkers in American history. The unforgettable celebrations, the walks of shame and promising yourself that you’ll never drink again only to break it the following weekend… From the hills to the high rises; the laughter, the getting her number, the can’t not smile at his dumb joke, all that matters is making memories. Whether it’s a dirty martini or a cold Corona it’s all about the party and the company of the ones you love. Here’s to Los Angeles.