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Wine - Champagne

Champagne is the original sparkling wine, and it's the drink of choice for royalty, victors, and celebrations of all kinds. It's perfect for any special occasion; weddings, anniversaries, brunch... Pick up a good bottle of champagne and celebrate your latest accomplishment, like conquering Prussia, winning the Super Bowl, or only ordering out four times this week! Plus, sparkling wine probably has fewer calories than other drinks... Another reason to celebrate!

Is Champagne Wine?

Wait, so is champagne wine, or… champagne? Well, it’s both. Champagne is a sparkling white wine made with grapes grown from the Champagne region of France. It’s got slightly less alcohol content than most wines, and is highly carbonated, which makes it perfect for spraying all over your friends during celebrations.

Food Pairings

Obviously champagne goes well with toast(s), but what else? Champagne is a surprisingly versatile wine to pair with food. It goes well with both appetizers and desserts due to the dry, high-acid flavor. Things like finger cheeses, fried-foods, and shellfish (like champagne poached oysters) work particularly well.