Los Angeles Liquor Delivery

Los Angeles Liquor Delivery

Los Angeles Liquor Delivery

Getting a delivery is always a great way to save time. Whether it’s the delivery of Chinese food, pizza or even beer. Using the Saucey app for a Los Angeles Liquor Delivery has never been easier, and it’s a great way to get alcohol to any occasion

Sometimes you may have more people show up to your parties than you expected. By the time you run out of alcohol it’s a good chance everyone’s had a few drinks in them. With Saucey for iOS and Android, you can get Los Angeles Liquor Delivery straight to your door! This is a much better choice than putting your own life or others in danger.

MORE BENEFITS WITH SAUCEY Los Angeles Liquor Delivery

When using the Saucey app to get Los Angeles Liquor Delivery, you get some fun things with your order. You would receive a hand-stamped toast or quote that is arranged by the delivery driver. A lot of times you even get a special promotion to use on your next order! This puts a little fun in the whole process.

Another great feature is if you’re a specific brand you prefer, if one store doesn’t carry it, another store will. Saucey makes sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Without having to call around to different stores. Just place your order on Saucey and wait for the knock on the door!


Not only does Saucey help keep drunk drivers off the road but a portion of the money goes to charity! We donate a portion of every purchase to an NYC based nonprofit that works to deliver clean water to developing countries, so you know that every purchase through our beer delivery app goes to a good cause.


Saucey was founded in 2013 as the fastest, easiest and most reliable on-demand alcohol delivery service. Through the use of mobile applications for iOS and Android or online at Saucey.com, you can enjoy the convenience of home delivered spirits, wine, beer, alcohol and liquor during normal alcohol operating hours.

Saucey uses state of the art photo ID scanning technology and requires that the purchaser have their Government issued ID on hand during the exchange on delivery.

Get the Saucey app today on iOS for iPhones or In the Google Play Store for Android! If you rather use our website, click here to start your order.


  1. Signup or Login – you can also connect Saucey to your Facebook account for ease of use. For iOS or Android, select the corresponding link.
  2. Select a Drink – Use the menu to navigate to the beer, wine spirit or mixer you are looking for. Once you have found it, add it to your cart.
  3. Checkout – Proceed to the checkout page after selecting your items. If Saucey does not deliver to your immediate area, you will be able to choose shipping options. If Saucey does deliver to your local area, fill out your contact information with address.
  4. Your order is on it’s way! Make sure to have your Government issued photo ID ready.
  5. ENJOY

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