5 Secrets to the Perfect Bloody Mary

Spicy, tangy, and bold—these 5 ingredients are the base for the perfect Bloody Mary.

I’ve made a few Bloody Marys in my time. Actually, more Bloodys than I care to admit. I had a standing date for a few years behind the bar of a Sunday brunch service at a restaurant in North Texas where no one considered anything but a Bloody to cure them of their ills from the night before. I had to create the perfect blend of booze, spice, and healing power in under a minute over and over and over again. The perfect Bloody Mary isn’t as complicated as bartenders would want you to believe, you just need to know a few of our tricks.

1. Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix


Many Bloody Mary purists will argue that the only way to go with the body of your Bloody is to make your own mix, but this is a little ridiculous without the convenience of a full bar on hand. I’ve used several different pre made mixes but nothing holds a candle to Zing Zang. The best Bloodys have a very delicate balance, viscous but not too thick and absolutely NO CHUNKS that need to be chewed through. Just please no chunks, people. Zing Zang provides a perfectly seasoned, but not spiced, thick base to get started with.

2. Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning


I like to fancy my Bloodys a little, without piling them up with skewers of donut holes, jalapeno poppers, or fried crawfish (not to say that wouldn’t be incredible). Every Bloody should have a salted rim without exception, and a nice little trick is to mix Tony’s in with the plain Kosher salt and a few dashes into the mix itself. If you don’t already keep a can of Tony’s in your pantry at all times, prepare to have your life changed forever. You’ll be using Tony’s on absolutely everything from here on out.

3. Lemon AND lime juice


Both citruses are a necessity for garnish and flavoring. Having both colors as garnish perks up the presentation, having both the tartness and sweetness of each citrus helps to further cut the taste and burn of vodka. This is most helpful in a hangover scenario when you really can’t stomach being reminded of alcohol. Hair of the dog is important, citrus just makes it easier.

4. Sriracha


Tabasco has long reigned supreme in the Bloody Mary game, but chili paste style heat works incredibly well here. Sriracha also packs a nice garlicky punch, a lot of bartenders use garlic powder to achieve this in their Bloodys. Using Sriracha accomplishes two important aspects of a Bloody at once, perfect heat and savory garlic in one quick squeeze.

5. Mexican Beer


My favorite Bloody trick is topping your concoction off with a few ounces of your favorite Mexican lager. Putting beer into Bloodys isn’t necessarily a new idea, but for some reason Guinness has always been the go to. Using a nitro stout in a Bloody definitely brings out more savoriness, but adding a little bubble to your mix makes it go down so much smoother. Mexican lagers are the best because they have a light but salty flavor. Plus, more alcohol never hurts.

Saucey’s Perfect Bloody Mary

2 and ½ oz. Tito’s Vodka
4 oz. Zing Zang
1 oz. olive juice
Squeeze of lemon
Squeeze of lime
Sriracha to taste
1 can Modelo Especial

Combine all ingredients except for beer into shaker and shake generously. Rim pint glass with Kosher salt and Tony Chachere’s. Pour contents of shaker, using the same ice, into pint glass and top with Modelo Especial. Garnish with lime and lemon wedge, cheers!



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