Blanco / Silver Tequila Delivery

What is blanco tequila?

Blanco tequila is tequila in its purest form—pure blue agave goodness. It’s bottled immediately after distillation in stainless steel, whereas añejo and reposado tequilas are aged. As such, it offers grassy, citrusy, black peppery notes, where its aged cousins feature a richer and bolder flavor profile.

While a super smooth blanco tequila can be sipped neat or on the rocks, blanco’s straightforward distillation process means it’s a great blank canvas for a cocktail (like margaritas, obvs).

Are blanco tequila and silver tequila the same thing?

They are indeed, though we get that it’s a little confusing. “Blanco” in Spanish translates to white, not silver, and blanco tequila is neither white nor silver, but clear. So. There’s that. But if a tequila is referred to as blanco or silver, that means it’s coming straight to the bottle after distillation, with no aging. Another way to think of it: it’s just really, really excited to be a part of a marg and doesn’t want to wait any longer than it has it.

What’s the best way to drink blanco or silver tequila?

An ultra smooth blanco tequila can and should be sipped neat or on the rocks. A more common blanco or silver tequila is a terrific backbone for your favorite tequila-based cocktail, like a margarita, paloma, tequila soda or tequila sour.

And we’d be remiss to not mention that if you’re going to do tequila shots, well, an everyday blanco is probably a good way to go. Shots aren’t really the time to really ponder over the nuance of the grass notes, etc.

Can I get blanco or silver tequila for delivery?

Absolutely. We can deliver your favorite blanco or silver tequila, plus limes, lemons and any mixers you might need, in minutes. Sign up for a Saucey account on our app or website.

Oh, and pro tip: We can deliver chips & salsa, too.

Saucey’s favorite blanco and silver tequilas: