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Everything You Need To Know About Belgian & French Ales

Because of the delicious diversity of Belgian & French Ales, this category is a bit of a catch-all for some of the most unique styles of beer in the world.

What’s Belgian Ale?

If you ask someone to beer you in Belgium, you could be in for a surprise. Lager, oak-aged red beer, white beer, spiced beer, fruit beer, farmhouse saison, golden ale, a Trappist or Abbey ale, a Belgian Pale Ale or maybe a beer made with candy sugar or aged in caves. You name it, Belgium’s got it.

What’s French Ale?

Although the French are well known for their winemaking, they also have more than 1,600 breweries. Our favorite French Ales in the U.S. are usually farmhouse ales and light, sweet beers.

Why Does Belgian Ale Taste Different?

Belgian Ales are brewed with special yeasts that impart the typical characteristics we all know as "Belgian." Belgian brewers use brewing methods that fly in the face of typical practices, including using native "wild" yeasts and bacteria as well as any and all kinds of adjuncts and spices.

What Are The Best Belgian & French Ales?

These are easy questions - Stella Artois, Blue Moon, and Allagash White Belgium Witbier.

Can I get Belgian & French Ale Delivered?

Forget the passport, we’ve got online ordering and free delivery to your door. Can you believe you almost put on pants?