Beer - Amber Ale

Amber ale, also known as red ale, is sort of the red-headed stepchild of the beer world. While most beers boast heaps of hops or high ABV, amber ales are all about the sweet stuff. To make amber ale, you roast the barley at a low temperature, which brings out the sugar in the grain and gives you a sweet, nectary ale.

What Does Amber Beer Taste Like?

Amber ales fall in between pale and brown ales, although it’s technically a pale ale. They have the malty flavor of a dark brown ale, and the sugar sweetness of an east coast IPA. If you’re feeling pressured by growing popularity of over-hopped beers, amber ale is the beverage for you.

Red Ale

Most amber ales are amber gold with a hint of rosy red, like a strawberry blonde, or a colorful sunset, but some are a dark mahogany. Typically, the darker the beer the richer and sweeter it will taste. It’s also a good indicator of a strong beer with high ABV.